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    Commercial Exhaust Duct Cleaning

    Large buildings — commercial, industrial, and manufacturing — utilize exhaust vents to remove stale air and maintain high air quality within the building. Armstrong Duct & Vent technicians have extensive experience and expertise in cleaning heavy-duty commercial exhaust duct systems. From simple fresh air systems and makeup air systems to processing and manufacturing duct and exhaust systems, we have cleaned them all.

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    Improving exhaust duct performance

    Commercial exhaust systems can become contaminated with a substantial layer of dust, dirt, and debris because of little or no filtration. Accumulation buildup reduces the duct size and impedes airflow. Underperforming bath exhaust systems in commercial buildings can result in bathrooms not properly venting moisture and odors.

    Underperforming production exhaust systems in manufacturing areas can result in problems or interruptions in the manufacturing process. Keeping these systems clean helps optimize production and quality control. 

    Cleaning before energy recovery ventilation conversion

    In institutional buildings, existing exhaust and ventilation systems are frequently being converted to energy recovery ventilation systems. Cleaning of exhaust ducts that will remain is beneficial in preventing unnecessary contamination of the new air-to-air heat exchangers.

    Maximize exhaust duct efficiency with scheduled maintenance

    Unplanned maintenance of your building’s exhaust duct system can be expensive and bothersome. Regular proper maintenance of your exhaust duct system can keep it operating efficiently, supporting your bottom line. At Armstrong Duct & Vent, we can set up a maintenance plan package that will arrange exhaust duct cleaning around your schedule to keep your system functioning efficiently.

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    Commercial Exhaust Duct Cleaning

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