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    Commercial HVAC Coil Cleaning

    When HVAC companies perform preventive maintenance on HVAC systems, they may not clean the system’s coils as part of their annual service. This includes the evaporator coils and condenser coils, as well as the re-heat coils, fan coil units, and other commercial coils. Over time, HVAC system coils become matted with dust and dirt, significantly reducing the system’s ability to transfer energy. The system then works longer and harder to keep a conditioned space cool, which quickly leads to sharp increases in energy costs.

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    Increasing efficiency, decreasing energy costs

    Cleaning your HVAC system’s coils will improve air flow, efficiency, and thermal comfort. A more efficient system decreases energy costs. In multiple studies, coil cleaning alone has been shown to increase air flow and increase system efficiency by up to 30%.

    Armstrong Duct & Vent cleans HVAC coils according to National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) standards using specially designed cleaning tools. We recommend coil cleaning be performed annually to ensure a well-running, efficient HVAC system.

    NADCA Coil Cleaning Standards

    Type 1 Coil Cleaning:

    Type 1 methods of coil reconditioning are appropriate for removing remove loose dust, dirt, or particulate from evaporator coil surfaces.  Physical removal of material is accomplished through a variety of methods:

    • HEPA-filtered contact vacuuming of coil surfaces
    • Use of crevice tools and contact vacuum bristle brushes that penetrate between coil fins
    • Compressed air accelerator guns and wands that dislodge particulate

    Type 2 Coil Cleaning:

    If dust, dirt, or particulate is adhered to the evaporator coil surfaces and cannot be completely removed by Type 1 methods, Type 2 methods are used:

    • Evaporator coils are removed and chemical coil cleaners are applied using electrical coil cleaning equipment
    • Chemically cleaned coils are cleansed using pressurized water washing equipment or hot water and steam cleaning equipment
    • HEPA-filtered wet contact vacuums or standard wet contact vacuums may be used outdoors to clean treated coils

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    Commercial HVAC Coil Cleaning

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