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    Commerical Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

    Lint buildup inside dryer ducts is a time bomb waiting to ignite. Regular dryer vent cleaning reduces drying times and saves money on operating costs. Less operating time also reduces wear and tear on your machines, letting them run efficiently and effectively with minimal repairs. Employees can dry larger volumes per shift, and customers are happier not having to pay for multiple drying cycles.

    Contact Armstrong Duct & Vent or call us at 1-603-627-7016 or 1-617-651-1937 to learn more about our Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Services.

    LEARN MORE ABOUT Commerical Dryer Vent Cleaning Services
    REQUEST SERVICE: 800-736-2706

    Dryer vent and exhaust cleaning specialists

    Armstrong Duct & Vent has provided expert dryer vent cleaning services to commercial operations throughout New England since 1965. We provide our services to:

    • Laundromats
    • Hotels
    • Hospitals
    • Colleges and universities
    • Assisted living facilities
    • Nursing homes
    • Condo associations
    • Apartment buildings
    • Property management companies

    Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art power vacuum equipment, including air compressors that operate at up to 180 psi, and custom-made dryer vent brushes that remove lint and debris during our source removal method of dryer vent cleaning. Armstrong Duct & Vent is a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, and our technicians utilize their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that your dryer vent is cleaned correctly.  

    Keeping your dryers operating efficiently

    The drying process produces a large amount of lint, which can restrict or block the dryer vent — creating a fire hazard, causing expensive water damage, and reducing dryer efficiency.  Because gas dryers vent the exhaust from combustion along the same path that lint moves, a blocked vent may allow deadly carbon monoxide to escape into the premises, creating a threat to the occupants.

    If a dryer is taking too long to dry items, regardless of whether it is gas or electric-operated, the vent may be restricted. Dryer vents can be cleaned of lint and other debris, saving you money on operating and maintenance costs. We have found dryer vents and exhaust vents blocked with birds’ nests, bottles, rocks, sticks, and other articles in addition to lint. Periodic inspection and cleaning of your dryer vent system is important for safe operation. 

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    Commerical Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

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